The Country Mayors

of NSW Inc

“What we want is nothing more than equity”

advocating for regional and rural communities

The New South Wales Country Mayors Association (CMA) has a history of advocating for the millions of people who choose to live, work and play in rural and regional local government areas.

Our mission is to be a strong voice for rural and regional councils. Our members have the needs and concerns of rural and regional New South Wales at heart, and advocate for those concerns to be heard at a state and national level.

Our members

CMA membership includes more than 80 NSW Councils, covering the vast majority of local government areas outside metropolitan regions.

equity for all

We work with the State and Federal governments and other relevant organisations to further the interests of our members across a huge range of areas, including the provision of health care, delivery of infrastructure, affordable housing, energy prices, employment concerns, and many more critical issues.

The CMA’s core belief is equity. We believe people should have the same rights and opportunities, regardless of where they live within the State.