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The Country Mayors Association of NSW (CMA) recently surveyed our members to gauge the level of support for the private members bill tables by Member for the Northern Tablelands, the Hon Adam Marshall to State Parliament.

Member for Northern Tablelands the Hon Adam Marshall has introduced a Private Member’s “Bill” into State Parliament at the last sitting week, seeking to amend the Rural Fires Act 1997, to transfer the ownership of NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) vehicles, fire trucks and buildings from local councils back to the State Government.

CMA engaged with our membership seeking the answers to two questions;

  • Does your Council support the Private Members Bill – YES or NO; and
  • Please provide the total value of depreciation expenses for your RFS Assets required in your annual financial accounts

“The results were overwhelmingly in support of the private members “Bill” with more than 75% of the membership of CMA responding to the request for feedback and 100% of those respondents in favour”, CMA Chairman, Mayor Jamie Chaffey said.

“The most recent annual survey of our members clearly highlighted that financial sustainability is the number one concern for Local Government in Regional, Rural and Remote NSW right now, so it is no surprise to see the unanimous support for change that would ease the financial burden to the tune of many millions of dollars across our membership”, Mayor Chaffey said.

“I sincerely hope and pray that Mr Marshalls private members “Bill “is supported and successfully passes both the lower and upper house’s of parliament to ensure our members can continue to have adequate funding to provide the essential services our communities rely on councils to provide. This alone wont fix the financial strain for many Councils, however it will make a major difference”, Deputy Chairman, Mayor Rick Firman OAM said.

“The CMA stands firm in our pursuit of equity of service provision for the residents of our communities. We stand united with our members to advocate for residents who choose to call country NSW home. We will continue to work with both State and Commonwealth governments to achieve the best quality of life and provision of services for our residents, and we look forward to a prosperous future”, Chairman Chaffey said.

For further information, contact

Chairman CMA – Cr Jamie Chaffey on 0467 402 412

Deputy Chairman CMA – Cr Rick Firman OAM on 0429 204 060

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